As you may have noticed, the Geoforaging.co.uk site has now gone offline. I'm really sorry but it was becoming unsustainable in terms of my time and the monetary cost.

Sure we were getting lots of hits and lots of attention, but the site just wasn't getting the volume of submissions to make it really take off in the way I intended - and what with the price of all of the modules and cost associated with keeping it alive, etc. I just can't keep forking out to keep the site alive for the small amount of submissions the site was getting per week.

Maybe the site could be resurrected in some smaller form in the future; I intend to keep the domain name for the time being and the company that I host with will hopefully keep the content and configurations (for posterity, if nothing else!)

It's not been an easy decision, and I'm only sorry it didn't blossom into a real force for good in the foraging world.

Thanks to all of you for all of your support and especially those of you who submitted foraging locations - it really was appreciated. I hope you found it useful while it lasted and am sorry that I couldn't keep it going for you. Big thanks also go to Dave Sage for his sterling work in putting my dream into reality.




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